Choreography Technician

2008 - 2015

Black Mesa is a re-envisioning video game of the classic science fiction first person shooter, Half-Life.

I used Valve Developer tools (Faceposer and Hammer Editor) to choreograph and implement scenes and interactions between multiple Non-Player Characters, the environment and the player.

The latest version is available for purchase on Steam.

Android Developer

2017 July - August

Wink is a social application based on the concept of friends helping their friends to meet new friends.

I did an overhaul of the Android version; upgraded to Oreo, refactored code and improved the UI to follow Android standards and implemented new functionality.

The latest version is available for download on Google Play.

Personal Game Project

2014 March

Follow is an endless Simon Says game with a retro feel.

The goal is to memorise the combinations shown and then repeat them as fast as you can. It has an expanding grid starting from 1x2 going all the way up to 3x3, and there is no end - only your high score.

It was made in Java using libGDX and is available for download on Google Play. (It was unpublished for a while, but is back up again now. Enjoy!)

Personal Game Project

I'm working on another game in my spare time! It's a browser/mobile game and still very much a work in progress.